了解DVB-T IC接收及傳送端處理應用


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20160718 第一版



  • 新的方式改由IT951x取代IT950x

來源:Full HD 高效能應用與解決方案研討會 - 同軸電纜 HD 升級大突破


  • digital video port (DVP) parallel output interface


RF Modulator note
Eagle I (ite9500)
Eagle II (ite9510),2014年 将RF Mixer功能整合进芯片中,大幅减少周边IC使用量

IT9500 ccHDtv transmitter

  • IT9500 is a series of highly integrated transmitter for ccHDtv camera
  • The core of IT9500 is a DVB-T COFDM modulator.
    • forward error correction coding
    • digital modulation
    • D/A IQ converter
  • embedded USB 2.0 interface, and serial/parallel TS interface input/output with built-in de-multiplexer
  • compliant to the non-hierarchical transmission specified in DVB-T (ETSI EN 300 744)

ITE 9510 Series

item note
Modulator 1- DVB-T/H (EN 3000 744 v1.5.1) and ISDB-T(ARIB STD-B31 V1.6) Compliant transmitter for Digital Terrestrial Television
2- QPSK, 16-QAM, 64QAM
3- 2k,4k,8k FFT
4- channel band width from 1MHz to 8MHz
input interface Serial and parallel MPEG2-TS
Control interface 1- USB 1.1 , USB2.0
item note
ite9511 Bandwidth up to 8MB, 720P only (用於720P ccHDtv camera)
ite9513 Bandwidth up to 11MB, 1080P only (用於1080P ccHDtv camera)
part number description modulation
IT9511 QPSK (GI 1/8, 1/4) only Commercial grade baseband transmitter for digital TV with USB and TS interfaces
IT9513 16QAM, QPSK (GI 1/8, 1/4) only Commercial grade baseband transmitter for digital TV with USB and TS interfaces.



IT9130: ccHDtv Receiver

  • ccHDtv single-chip receiver consisting of high quality RF tuner front-end and COFDM demodulator
  • It does not require external SAW filter, LNA, or Balun.
    • SAW(Surface Acoustic Wave)filter (表面聲波濾波器)是一種高頻的濾波器
    • 讓某種波長的訊號通過並過濾其他的訊號及雜訊
    • 接收高頻訊號後,輸入端的IDT會將該訊號轉變成表面聲波,藉由壓電基板的傳導傳至輸出端的 IDT,再把表面聲波轉換成高頻訊號傳出
    • LNA: Low Noise Amplifer
  • IT9130: DVB-T Front-End Intergrate Receiver

  • IT9137 Block

[IT9137 Block]
item note
AGC(automatic gain control) AGC measures the received signal strength to determine the correct tuner gain-control signal values.
DC offset and IQ amplitude and phase imbalance are dynamically tracked and compensated
ACI(adjacent channel interference) ACI removed by a very sharp digital filter whose bandwidth is independent of the DVB-T channel bandwidth
  • Operation mode of IT9130
Part MPEG TS USB2.0 USB2.0 Diversity/ Dual-channel
IT9135 No Yes No
IT9137 Yes Yes Mater/Slave
  • Data path and control path output mode
mode data path control path
MPEG TS MEPG TS 2-wire bus
  • UHF / VHF RF Tuner
    • IT9130 with RF tuner integrated to support DVB-T
    • UHF band (470 MHz ~ 862 MHz)
    • VHF band (170 MHz ~ 240MHz)

IT9305: USB Bridge and TS Aggregator

  • TS aggregator
    • Null Packet Insertion is supported
    • 5 TS input are support
[IT9305 Block]
  • Operation Mode
Part MPEG-2 TS (Serial) MPEG-2 TS (Parallel) USB2.0 CCIR601
IT9303 Yes No Yes No
IT9305 Yes Yes Yes Yes
  • Data path and control path
Ctrl IF \ OutIF MPEG-2 TS (Serial) MPEG-2 TS (Parallel) USB2.0 CCIR601
Control I/F 2-wire bus 2-wire bus USB 2-wire bus
Data output I/F MPEG-2 TS MPEG-2 TS USB CCIR601
Data input I/F MPEG-2 TS MPEG-2 TS MPEG-2 TS MPEG-2 TS


  • Normal packets have a pseudo-random payload in the data_byte field. A TS packet has a length of 188 bytes and starts with a sync_byte having the value 0x47
[TS Package]

來源:The DVB-T2 Reference Streams